• Dec 1970
    Our Founder, Mr. Sze, established Nadfinlo in Hong Kong. The business was focusing on small home appliances manufacturing such as soldering gun and hot glue gun at the very beginning.
  • Aug 1981
    Mr. Sze discovered the huge potential in blow molding industry. He established Nadfinlo Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong and start the business development in APAC.
  • Aug 1987
    Establishment of our first blow molding factory in Xixiang, Shenzhen in Guangdong province.
  • Apr 1992
    Multiplying the equipment and manufacturing capacity after moving the factory to Longhau.
  • Sep 1993
    Establishing the second blow molding factory in Kunshan in Jiangsu province.
  • Mar 1998
    Nadfinlo shows the versatility in terms of craftmanship and product category to adapt the trend of the market. Rotational molding facilties was installed in Kunshan factory for irregular-plastic product production.
  • 1995-1999
    The golden era of Nadfinlo. We researched and made blow molding machines for manufacturing. We expanded the factory scale by setting up 70 blow molding machines in Shenzhen and 20 other in Kunshan.
  • Jan 2000
    To increase competitiveness in the market; we started installing large scale blow molding machines.
  • Apr 2000
    Expanding our business to outdoor furniture including garden chairs, foldable tables and chairs, garages, storehouses and pet houses.
  • May 2000
    Moving Hong Kong office to Quarry Bay from Kwun Tung.
  • Nov 2003
    Expanding our Shenzhen factory to a 45000 sq. ft. multi-functional building with office, factory and warehouse.
  • May 2004
    Exercising ERP system from MRP to improve the management process of the company.
  • Aug 2005
    Installing new testing equipment for internal testing station.
  • Dec 2005
    The office building of Shenzhen factory is ready.
  • Mar 2006
    Installing metal processing equipment to increase productivity and ensure product quality.
  • Jun 2006
    Granted ISO9001:2008 certification.
  • Jul 2008
    Granted 3C compliance and started manufacturing products in medical and sanitary industry.
  • Oct 2009
    Technological break-through in 3D blow molding in Kunshan factory.
  • Apr 2010
    Stepping into R&D and production for automotive parts. Successfully developed the Automotive market of China.
  • Jul 2010
    Installing spray printing line and acquired patent in production process.
  • Oct 2010
    Installing fluorination equipment imported from Germany to improves the barrier and adhension properties of plastics. The process is commonly used in packaging for food products, medical products, cosmetics, agricultural products and chemical products.
  • Feb 2011
    Developing small-scale blow molding business by installing double head blow molding machine and multi-layer blow molding machine in Kunshan.
  • May 2011
    Awarded among the ‘ Top 10 enterprise in Blow Molding Industry in China’.
  • May 2012
    Granted TS16949 – Quality management systems for automotive production and relevant service part organizations.
  • Oct 2012
    Implementing MES from Germany for real time monitoring in production plan, resource allocation and execution. We also installed 6-axis robot for manufacturing process.
  • Dec 2012
    Our fluorinated oil tanks achieve CARB and EPA standards from US.
  • Nov 2013
    Boosting manufacturing capacity by 50% by installing rotational molding machine in Kunshan factory.
  • May 2014
    Upgrading ERP system to adapt the era of big data and modern management practice.
  • Sep 2016
    Comply the management requirement of “Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System”.
  • Oct 2017
    Comply the requirement and recognize as “National HI-TECH Enterprises”.
  • Apr 2018
    Comply the requirement of “Energy Management System”. The OA system upgraded in June.