Foldable soft packaging container

   All along, the masses and government both focus the importance of the packaging requirements of food, medical supplies and medicines. While improving the access system to the plastic packaging market, the packaging industry is also actively upgrading the technology and developing various food and drug safety packing method. The technology of foldable soft packaging containers is one of them.

The soft packaging container can be folded and can be stack up during transportation to reduce the transportation cost. Taking the same capacity of 25L as an example, the transportation cost is 1/3 of that of a general plastic bucket. The weight of the soft packaging container is light, raw material cost is lower, weight of the product is generally 1 / 3.5 of plastic buckets. Due to the light weight of products, soft packaging containers provide less resins wastage compare to same amount of general plastic bucket, and reducing the environmental pollution.

Containers mainly made of low-density polyethylene as raw material for a wide range of applications, including food and oil, food additives, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, cosmetics and so on. Product features: foldable, stackable, saving space, easy extraction, material saving, sealed and reliable, reduce pollution, comply with food and medical testing requirements.