Multi-Layer Blow Molding


Public awareness of environmental protection and life quality always leads to higher standard of products. As a replacement of glass, there is increasing demand in multi-layer co-extruded plastic hollow containers that are completely sealed, light resistive, corrosion resistive, heat resistive, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, durable, anti-static, flame retardant, strong, very tough and impact resistive.

A multilayer blow molding machine is required for the manufacturing process of such plastic containers. Two or more layers of plastic (same or different types) are injected into the same machine. A compounded parison with separate layer is formed by a special nose.

It yields quality products with no scrap and cutting edge on the bottom without involving any welding and chemical process. The process is suitable for high-volume, wide-open container manufacturing.

Multilayer structure materials include: nylon / polyolefin, polyvinyl alcohol / polyolefin, PE / PVC / polyethylene, polystyrene / polyacrylonitrile / polypropylene.